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EzePawn is a complete automation solution for pawn Brokers. It has been specially designed to cater to the technological needs of the pawn shop, pawn broker, pawn broking, gold loan finance, jewel finance services industry. All integrated with accounts, that helps the pawn broker to maintain their accounts management with ease.

Summary of Key Features
Summary of Key Business Benefits
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Pawn Broking Finance Management

Pawn Broking Finance require more features and functionality from a software package than ever before. The newest Windows™ based version, the EzePawn Series of software for Pawn Broking, Pawn Broker, Pawn Shop, Jewel Loan Finance and Gold Finance Companies, has been developed using the latest in technologies and greatly expands on the functionality of previous versions.  Emak has recognized the need for a comprehensive series of systems in the pawn broking market that are reliable, easy to use and relevant to the industry.

The EzePawn Series is comprised of a base system and key functional areas that offer a wide number of different Loan and Interest scheme types. EzePawn Series is a comprehensive yet user friendly pawn shop program available in both single user and multi-user versions. EzePawn will save your time and money by handling all of these features. Emak's Pawn Shop Software functionality is user-friendly, quick and powerful in both its functionality and reporting.

Accounts Management

Integrated Accounting with Pawn Broking Management is an important factor in strengthening any gold loan finance business. With multi level grouping of accounts and built in automatic ledger posting simplifies the whole process. For example when you do new Pawn Ticket entry creation, system will do a payment entry for you, automatically. With Emak’s Pawn Broking software you will get tools to analyze and improve your Profitability.

With Emak - EzePawn you will get tools to analyze and improve your Profitability.

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Summary of Key Features

  • Comprehensive Pawn Ticket, Pawn Receipt, Redemption and Accounts management for your Pawn finance business
  • Complete solution to automate your Gold loan finance or pawn broking finance business.
  • Full information is kept on every Loan giving you easy access on all inquiries. Information includes Customer and Guarantors, as well as financial details, current status, Interest schedule, previous loan details, letters, loan transactions, and notes. All information are easily accessed and clearly presented
  • Various type of Pawn Receipts (Part Payment Receipt, Redemption Receipt)
  • Can produce Overdue Letters for early detection and auctioning of arrears. Letters ranging from mild reminders through to sale of non redeemed can be generated.
  • Penalty Interest can be calculated on Overdue Loans.
  • Advanced Search Provision to find the customer quickly.
  • Customer History and Party summary report will allows you to analyze the party status
  • Easily track your pledged item inventory and customer information in one place
  • Multiple location allows you to keep the pledged item with ease
  • Integrated accounting, Re pledging, Auctioning entry can helps the pawn broker to avoid the manuals
  • Comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly reports, in various formats export to excel and Pdf formats, Print to Graphic or Draft.
  • Simple and Multiple Interest Scheme types and payment options
  • Multiple Unlimited Receipts at the same time
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Summary of Key Business Benefits

  • Maximize the profit for business and reduce losses.
  • Reduce Manual work, Increase your free time.
  • Improved profitability, productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Quick decision making and find key information fast.
  • Easily track your customer information in one place.
  • Better and more improved customer service levels satisfaction.
  • Overall improvement in business reporting and management.
  • Integrated accounting management helps to avoid the audit submitting process.
  • Standard interest calculation that keep away from income loss and man made error.
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Screen Shots Details

Pawn Ticket
Pawn Ticket

  • Speed up Pawn Ticket creation; identify existing customers by finger print, Party ID or Party Name.
  • Store more details about the Pledged Items (Gold or Silver) like Gross Weight, Wastage, Purity, and net weight.
  • Standardize your loan parameters like maximum loan per gram, interest structure and standard maturity period, which will help you avoid man-made errors.
  • Receive Advance Interest; treat them as Hand Loans if required.


  • No more manual interest calculations, EzePawn displays detailed calculations for both interest and default amounts with detailed break ups.
  • Instantly view pledged jewel details (including storage rack), also view pawner's other loans and payment history.
  • Redemption process made simple and quicker, access party with fingerprint, party ID or party name.
  • Part Interest updation is made automatically as per your specified settings.

Party History
Party History

  • Party History is always accessible, anywhere in EzePawn with a single click. ex: pawn creation, redemption and pending reports.
  • It provides useful information like previous loans, payment history and pledged item details.
  • Provision to make redemption and distribute received payment over multiple loans is available within Party history itself.

Business Register
Business Register

  • It combines business, redemption and interest registers to give you an overall view of your business activity, helps you analyze your business performance and take timely and wise decisions.
  • Business, Redemption and Interest registers can be further expanded to get day wise and month wise reports.

MIS Reports
MIS Reports

  • This extensive report compiled from the software automatically, helps the management in taking wise decisions.
  • Business Register gives you the clear picture of overall performance of the business that you can react accordingly on various areas.
  • Interest Register assists you in providing information about your revenue through interest, in terms of Monthly, Daily and in detail.
  • Redemption Register gives you the complete analytical report about redeemed registers comparative with previous months and days.

MIS Reports
  • EzePawn comes with integrated accounts management that includes Day Book, Trial balance, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance sheet.
  • It avoids the need of separate accounting software or separate entry for accounts posting.
  • It generates periodic statements showing financial position of a firm/company for a specific period, resulting from its business transactions and operations
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