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Updated On 01-08-2021
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  *2.126 Sms Template Id Added in Sms Setup, In Daybook now filter the Remarks. *2.125 Reprint user rights added, Add Redemtion Photo, Can view all images from Main Branch, In Voucher Last ledger problem rectified *2.124 Calc Due Start Query Modified *2.123 Party Id Prefix length increased *2.122 Pending Report- Party Type filter added, and Category Column Added *2.121 User Finger print Added *2.120 Balance Sheet Loading Issue Solved *2.119 Ledger Voucher Display Report Modified *2.118 Loan Topup Option Added, Now We can Export the Live Loans. In Export Csv ..Date issue solved *2.117 In Register Report, PartyType Filter Added *2.115 Party Display filter Added *2.115 Party Display Creation Date Added, Loan Receipt Display - Int Per Added *2.113 Now the Stock movement details will be shown In PL Receipt and Loan summary. *2.112 In PL Receipt now added advance column *2.111 In Pledge Book Normal/Detail Option Added. Print Name added in Sms Field List *2.110 Send Sms From Party Display,Tally Export in Branchwise, Voucher Display Speedup,Export csv in all report,MultiCollection Modified *2.109 Import data from other company, Problem Rectified in Export Tally *2.108 Personal Loan Remarks Column width increased *2.107 Repledge Display Filter Added *2.106 Reports Added for Personal Loan *2.105 Error Rectified in Personal Loan Display and Receipt *2.104 Error Rectified in Repledger Modification/Delete *2.103 C Report Modified *2.102 C Report Issue Solved *2.101 Bug Fixed *2.100 Personal Loan Integrated *2.99 Sms Error Fix *2.98 Bug Fixes *2.97 MultiPaymode option Added in Loan Payment and Loan Receipt *2.96 SMS Can be Send *2.94 User can change their password. (Ctrl + F12) *Loan Search Option Added. *Loan Notice Filter Added,Journal mode in 'On Account' Entry *Change 'Journal Pay mode' in Redemption Entry. *Loan Receipt Remarks displayed in Daybook *Pay Freq problem solved *Pay in Advance Error Rectified *On Account Problem Rectified *Repledge Option Completed *Error Rectified In On Account Amount in Pending Report *Problem rectified in Excel Export (Date Format). *Problem Rectified in Security Rights *In Pending Report,On Account Amt Added with Total Pending. *On Account Column Added in Pending Report and Party History *Mandatory fields can be set for Party Master and Pawn Ticket. *Loan Approval Process Added *Multiple Branch Handling *Jewel Image can be add *Stock Movement Entry *Party Add Proof *Id Proof Image Can Add *Multiple Address for Party *New Settings *Auction Notice,Reminder Notice Added. *Day Close Statement Report added *Tally 9/7.2 Export Provision Added *Displaying Original and Suspense Interest in Pawn Ticket display. *Finger Print Module has been added *Service Window Created *Problem rectified in daily int type method *Tamil Pawn ticket printout added *Pawn Ticket Print added *Party Image can be captured directly From Web Cam. *Maximum Loan per gram can be set *Problem Rectified in Daily interest method *Min calculation day and grace days can be set *Pledge Book Report added *Pending report-Jewel weight and current jewel value added.
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows XP or Later
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 8GB HDD
Additional Requirements
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