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Updated On 31-07-2021
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  *1.525 : Godown Report Modified, Due Analysis Report Filter Modified, Hp Transaction Report Added *1.524 : Sms Template Id added, Hp ledger display Id Proof Column added, Hp Rcpt Display filter error rectified, Group Company - Pending Report Default Column error rectified, *1.523 : Sms - Country Code added with Mobile No. , User Name column added in HL Display *1.522 : AdvEmi Customers Filter Added in Pending Report *1.521 : Customer Search modified *1.520 : Hp Receipt Display Speedup when filter using Hp A/c No., Cust History Print File issue Column width Solved, RcEos letter modified *1.519 : Receipt Prefix issue solved *1.518 : Customize the name "Default"(Setup-Accounts) *1.517 : Error Rectified in Hp Int Update entry and Grnt Letter issue Solved *1.516 : Area Filter Added for Hp Int Update entry *1.515 : Filter Added In Customer Search, In Pending Report Column Added for Status *1.513 : Minor Changes *1.513 : Issue fixed sending 'insurance expiry sms' to closed loans. *1.512 : Issue fixed sending sms which mob no. started 91xxx xxxxx *1.511 : Save Photto Issue fixed, Party Address add in Hp Receipt Display. And Mobile No. trimmed *1.510 : Speedup Query-Hp Termination Report. In Loan Pending Report & Loan History Added Remarks Shortcut *1.508 : InBuild Sms Integration (Send Sms Without SunSms Application).
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows XP or Later
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 8GB HDD
Additional Requirements
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